Alterno Tickets Expand

Alterno Tickets

18.5.2019 | Fuchs2 | Štvanice | 20:00

An unusual dance party for everyone who likes fetish fashion and BSDM. All-night event with live DJ’s from playing only the best dark 80s and electro bangers. You can dance, you can play all you want. Assorted play furniture will be available for you, together with suspension points, private corners and play arenas. A photobooth will be open for you with props. That is the only place in the club where photography is permitted.

We believe in bringing you the best play/dance party we can make. That’s why we have dungeon monitors present for the evening. They will check proper dress codes and that all play is according to SSC rules.

If you like good music, dance, fetish and/or SM play, Alterno is the place for you. 18th of May, club Fuchs2!

Dress code:

  • Nudity
  • Latex
  • Leather clothing, harnesses
  • Lack / PVC
  • Lingerie
  • All black (no black T-shirts)

Tickets are available

20,00 €

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